Frequently Asked Questions

The following are SFL prepared documents or external web sites that provide answers to Frequently Asked Question on various topics.  While we attempt to keep this information consistent with the rules, sometimes through unintentional oversight, some inconsistencies may occur. In these cases, the rules are used to resolve any inconsistencies.

External Web Sites

US Youth Soccer Guidance on Lightning Safety

SFL Documents

General SFL Operations (See viewing note below)

Discipline and Team Demerits (See viewing note below) This FAQ contains the following topics:

Email Problems With Verizon Email Addresses (See viewing note below)

Placing Teams In Divisions (See viewing note below)

Regular Season Scheduling (See viewing note below) This FAQ contains the following topics:

  • General questions
  • Coaches with two teams
  • Other initial game schedule issues
  • Game field changes made by a club after the schedules are published by the SFL
  • Rescheduling games initially scheduled by the SFL or rescheduled by the teams
  • Scheduled games not played
  • SFL process for rescheduling unscheduled games
  • Scheduling forfeits

Reporting Game Results (See viewing note below)

SFL Team Roster (See viewing note below) This FAQ discusses the SFL Team Rosters

Master Player Roster and Master Player Roster Summary (See viewing note below)

Spread Sheet for Regular Season Field Availability (See viewing note below)

Team Ranking Process (See viewing note below)

Tournament (See viewing note below) This FAQ contains the following topics:

  • Roster challenges
  • General tournament requirements
  • Tournament formats
  • Establishment of tournament divisions
  • Locating complete tournament game schedules for a team
  • Ranking teams in tournament divisions
  • Site coordinator and division commissioner responsibilities
  • Trophies

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