Suburban Friendship League

The Suburban Friendship League (SFL) has been operating since the Fall 1990 season providing scheduling services for recreational soccer teams. The league’s charter and decisions are based on whether the result is for the good of the players. During the spring and fall seasons, the SFL provides scheduling services to over 520 teams representing almost 25 different clubs. The primary age groups covered are the Under 11 though Under 19 Boys and Girls. You may send us an Email (see below) to obtain additional information.

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Information on Spring 2020 Season

The SFL Commissioners notified the SFL Club Representatives on March 24, 2020, that the Spring 2020 season was cancelled.

The SFL’s decision was based on a March 23, 2020, announcement by Virginia that schools would be closed for the remainder of this school year. In addition, it was announced that groups of 10 or more people in any public place will be ordered to disperse.

The SFL Commissioners put a great deal of thought into this decision. Initially the SFL developed a plan that would allow for changing conditions. Unfortunately, it did not work out so that at least some games can be played. As we noted in our earlier Email to the SFL Club Representatives, while this process was difficult for us, we know it is much harder on the clubs and appreciate all the efforts made by the clubs to support the youth of our communities.

We appreciate your understanding and support of the SFL.

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