Suburban Friendship League

The Suburban Friendship League (SFL) has been operating since the Fall 1990 season providing scheduling services for recreational soccer teams. The league’s charter and decisions are based on whether the result is for the good of the players. During the spring and fall seasons, the SFL provides scheduling services to over 520 teams representing almost 25 different clubs. The primary age groups covered are the Under 11 though Under 19 Boys and Girls. You may send us an Email (see below) to obtain additional information.

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Spring 2021 Season

The SFL has received commitments from 15 clubs to provide teams for the Spring 2021 season.  Based on these commitments, the SFL is planning on resuming operations and scheduling games for those clubs.  We wish all the former SFL clubs the best in whatever option they pursue to provide games outside of the SFL.

Club COVID Rules and Protocols

We have a special page that provides general COVID Information, links to sites that provide COVID infection rate information and resources, and the COVID Rules and Protocols that apply to each club.  Each team is expected to familiar with the club rules and protocols that apply to their club and those clubs they visit.  The COVID Rules and Protocols page can be found by clicking here.

  Please send e-mail to (Please provide an Email address and/or phone number with your message.)