Suburban Friendship League

The Suburban Friendship League (SFL) has been operating since the Fall 1990 season providing scheduling services for recreational soccer teams. The league’s charter and decisions are based on whether the result is for the good of the players. During the spring and fall seasons, the SFL provides scheduling services to over 520 teams representing almost 25 different clubs. The primary age groups covered are the Under 11 though Under 19 Boys and Girls. You may send us an Email (see below) to obtain additional information.

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Tournament Game Cancellations

With all the rain this week, especially Friday, we have some doubts that the tournament games on the all the grass fields will be played. Friday night we sent an Email to the SFL Club Representatives explaining how we planned on handling the resulting game cancellations.  This is the process that we asked them to follow and how the SFL will handle the game cancellations.

  • Once the SFL Club Representative knows that a field is closed, they should instruct their coaches contact the other teams in their division and let them know that no games in their tournament division will be played. As noted in the tournament letter and several other places, if one game in a tournament division is cancelled then all remaining games are cancelled and no trophies or medals will be awarded.
  • Let the SFL know as soon as possible. We will then show these games as unscheduled so that people will know that the tournament game is no longer expected to be played rather than simply removing the game from the web site.  Later the game will be removed since the canceled games will not be rescheduled.

Most people do not know or appreciate the efforts spent by the SFL Club representatives to try and arrange alternative playing arrangements so that the tournament games can be played.  The SFL Commissioners are appreciative of those efforts.

In situations such as this, the SFL is often asked about why we have the rules we do about tournament game cancellations and why we did not consider other alternatives so that the games could be played on another weekend or using a “compressed schedule” on the existing fields.

The SFL has used other approaches in the past and these were found lacking by the clubs.  As a result of the problems caused by these various approaches, the clubs adopted the rules we use today.  On our Historical Documents page  several documents are available that discuss the past processes used and the recommended solutions.  While some of these documents may be old, the problems and issues associated with a given process used in the past still exists.

The SFL Commissioners appreciate your support and understanding.


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