Privacy Policy of the Suburban Friendship League

March 10, 2012

You have entered the Suburban Friendship League’s (SFL) web site which may be used only for authorized purposes. Thank you for visiting us. The SFL committed to protecting the privacy rights of its visitors and users.Our Internet policy is:

  1. We will not collect personal information about you just because you visit this site.
    The SFL contracts out the operation of this site and the operator of the site reserves the right to collect and maintain statistical information from our site’s data logs that concern network traffic flow and volume. This information consists of:
    • The name of the domain from which the visitor accesses the Internet (e.g., “a”; “a”; or “an”);
    • The Internet Protocol Number;
    • The date and time the SFL web site is visited, and
    • The page or document viewed.

    This information does not identify individual visitors. The log file is retained for a period that considered appropriate by our provider and may vary depending on the provider’s operational needs at a given time.

  2. We do not use cookies, a file placed on a visitor’s hard drive that allows the web site to monitor the individual’s use of the site.No attempts are made to identify individual users unless illegal behavior is suspected. So that this service remains available to you and all other visitors, our contractor monitors network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information or otherwise cause damage to the web service. Use of this system constitutes consent to such monitoring and auditing. Unauthorized attempts to upload information and/or change information on this web site are strictly prohibited and are subject to prosecution under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 and Title 18 U.S.C. Sec.1001 and 1030.
  3. We use these web pages to provide information pertaining to SFL activities, its policies, and other information that can be downloaded as a public service.These web pages may also offer you the opportunity to ask questions, request/provide information, or provide comments. Use of this option is voluntary and may require an Email address. We will only use information from submitted forms, Email messages, and any other information you provide for the reasons you provided it. The information will be destroyed in accordance with our policies.
    • Most Emails are normally destroyed before the next season begins. In some cases, these Emails may be retained for longer periods of time because they contain information needed for administering SFL activities or document SFL decisions that need to be retained for historical purposes. For example, an Email may be received during the fall season providing suggestions for rule changes that would be useful for the following fall season since they cannot be implemented in the Spring season. Very few Emails meet this criteria and if a user requests us to delete such an Email before the next season begins, we will remove the privacy information contained in it from our records. Users can request that Emails be destroyed prior to the start of the next season, however, it is up to the SFL whether this request should be granted. You will be notified if your request is granted. If you do not receive confirmation of your request, then you should assume that the Email will not be destroyed until the start of the following season.
    • Clubs are required to provide a roster containing the name and birth date of the players on their registered teams to the appropriate SFL Age Group Commissioner. The SFL Age Group Commissioners are required to destroy these rosters before the start of the next season.
  4. We will not share the information you give us with anyone outside the SFL unless required by law, SFL procedures contained in our rules, or your Email requires it to be forwarded to someone else. The following are examples of actions that can result in an Email to forwarded to someone outside of the SFL or privacy information being sent over the Internet by the SFL:
    • You send us an Email reporting the positive, or negative, conduct of a coach, spectator, referee, and/or player. These Emails are normally forwarded to the appropriate individual(s) at the appropriate club. This may include the appropriate SFL Club Representative, Club Age Group Representative, coach, and/or Club Referee Coordinator. The SFL does not have any control on what these individuals do with your Email. Our expectations are that they handle it in a responsible manner. However, we have no control over these individuals. If you specifically tell us not to forward your Email, then we will not forward it to anyone outside of the SFL.
    • An Email is received requesting a coach’s name and phone number so that they can contact them concerning an upcoming game. We normally provide such information to the requesting party and may send a copy of the reply Email to the coach for their information. The Email address of the copy is not normally available to the requesting party since we use the “bc” function to put in the coach’s Email address. For example, Coach 1 requests the phone number for Coach 2. The reply would contain Coach 2’s name and phone number. This reply may also be sent to Coach 2’s Email address as a “bc”. Therefore, the requesting coach’s Email address (Coach 1) may be provided to the other coach (Coach 2). The SFL does not have any control on what the other coach does with your Email. Our expectations are that they handle it in a responsible manner. However, we have no control over these individuals. If you specifically tell us not to forward your Email, then we will not forward it to anyone outside of the SFL.
  5. Email addresses provided to other SFL members.The SFL provides a listing of Email addresses for the team contacts in order to facilitate communication of SFL related matters only. This listing is based on a “opt in” policy where the team contact expressly provides their SFL Club Representative permission to allow the publication of their Email address(es) for SFL related purposes. It is up to the SFL Club Representative to validate that the Email address(es) provided to the SFL for publication have been properly approved by the team contact. The SFL does not have any control on whether the SFL Club Representative has properly followed this policy. Our expectations are that any Email addresses published by the SFL are handled it in a responsible manner. However, we have no control over how these published Emails are used by other individuals who may see the published list. Any request to remove an Email address(es) from the publish list must be submitted through the appropriate SFL Club Representative who is responsible for ensuring that Email address is removed in subsequent revisions to the list. The SFL is also not responsible for the validity of the Email address(es) provided.
  6. We will not sell your information.
  7. The SFL has a web page that has links to other sites. These privacy policies do not apply to those sites and the SFL has no control over the content of these sites. These links can be found on Links to Other Soccer Related Sites. It is up to you if you want to assume the risks associated with using these sites.
  8. The confidentiality of Internet transmissions is not guaranteed. It is up to you if you want to assume the risk of an unauthorized person learning your Email address or any personal information you provide.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our web site privacy policy, please contact the SFL Commissioner at or by regular mail at:

SFL Commissoner
2416 Rosedown Drive
Reston, VA 20191-1620

  Please send e-mail to (Please provide an Email address and/or phone number with your message.)