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What services does the SFL provide?

The league’s primary purpose is to provide scheduling services and increase the level of competition for recreational teams. The clubs are responsible for most of the other administrative responsibilities. For example, the clubs are expected to provide a SFL Club Representative who is responsible for the primary contact between the club and its teams and the SFL. The Club is also responsible for fields, officials, insurance for its players, and ensure that the players are registered with the Virginia Youth Soccer Association.

Why does the SFL schedule games on religious holidays?

The SFL adopts a season game schedule that generally follows the NCSL and WAGS game weekends. This proposed schedule is approved at each season’s preseason meeting by the clubs. The SFL recognizes that the game schedule may conflict with some religious holidays, school events, or other activities. Therefore, the rules adopted allow for a team to reschedule a game up to 4 days in advance of a scheduled game date. This is discussed in section VII.C.2 in the rules. (The rules can be found under SLF Documents¬†on this web site.) Therefore, a club or team is free to schedule its games so that it is not required to play its games on religious holidays or other days that cause conflicts. If the SFL is notified by the appropriate SFL Club Representative during the scheduling process the games are shown as unscheduled at the start of the season.The SFL believes that the clubs should be able to control their own programs. Therefore, if a club wants to keep its teams from playing on a given game day, then it is free to request the SFL to show games that would normally be scheduled on that date as unscheduled. A good example of how this policy worked is how the games following the September 11, 2001, tragedy were handled. The following are examples of how the clubs wanted us to handle these games. In each case, we honored their wishes.

  • Club cancelled all games for their teams regardless of the location – In these cases, we cancelled the games that involved their teams regardless of the location. Many clubs allowed the teams to makeup these games at a later date.
  • Club cancelled all games for their teams regardless of the location and did not want the games made up. – In these cases, we cancelled the games that involved their teams regardless of the location and the games were dropped from the schedule.
  • Club only cancelled the games on their home fields. – All games on these clubs’ home fields were cancelled. If their teams were scheduled to play against clubs that did not cancel games, then they were allowed to play the game. However, if a coach did not desire to play the game, then the game was changed to unscheduled. Generally the clubs that took this option allowed their teams to make up the game at a later date.
  • Club decided to play the schedule games. – These games were played as scheduled as long as both coaches wanted to play. Several coaches did not want to play their games and the games were changed to unscheduled.

What information does the league provide the clubs to support their game administrative responsibilities?

After the schedules are prepared, each SFL Club Representative is sent a combined field schedule showing all games on their club fields. If Email addresses are provided, this information is also provided the the Club’s Referee Coordinator and Field Coordinator.

What information is provided each team?

Each coach is mailed a packet which contains their game schedule, field directions, phone numbers and team colors of the other teams in their age group, a postage paid confirmation card, and a letter stating their responsibilities. The league will also Email the coaches and club officials the game results and standings each week upon request. Once the tournament schedule is established, each team is mailed a package of tournament information and regular season standings.

How many games does each team play?

Generally, each team is scheduled for 8 regular season games and at least 1 tournament game. Each team plays about half of its regular season games on their club field. After the sixth or seventh week into the season the teams in each age group are ranked and are generally divided into groups of 4. Each group is then scheduled for a single elimination tournament during the last week of the season. The first and second place teams in each group are awarded trophies.

How are makeup games scheduled?

It is up to the home team to reschedule any games which are postponed and notify the league. If the home team has a problem in arranging a makeup time because of field availability, and the visiting team can arrange a field and officials, then the game is moved to the visiting team’s field. If the home team has a problem in scheduling a makeup game because of the visiting team, then they should contact the SFL Age Group Commissioner who will make a decision on whether the home team has made a good faith effort to reschedule the game.

Sometimes both teams would like to reschedule a game, how is this done?

The SFL believes that all decisions should be based on whether the result will be for the benefit of the player. It has been our experience that sometimes both teams would like to change a scheduled game date. When this occurs, all that is required is for both teams to agree upon a new date and notify the league of the new date.

How are game scores reported?

The league prefers that scores be reported by Email at Both teams are required to report the game score by 6:00 PM on Monday. Teams reporting scores late are assessed a one goal penalty. Scores may also recorded on our voice mail system. The phone numbers for the voice mail are included with the materials provided to the coaches and club representatives.

What are the league fees and what do they cover?

The league fees are established at the preseason meeting. The registration fee covers trophies and scheduling expenses, such as postage and supplies.

A portion of the registration fees are collected to reimburse the clubs hosting tournament sites for their officials. The fee schedule is designed to compensate the clubs hosting the tournament for the costs incurred for providing officials (one referee and two assistant referees for each game). The rates are based on input from the clubs and approved at the preseason meeting. A financial statement is also sent to each club representative at the end of each season.

Please refer to the current rules which can be found on the SFL Documents web page for more current information.

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