Process used to rank the Fall 2006 tournament divisions where the teams could not play all tournament games

The following process was used to determine the tournament standings for each division:

  • A few divisions were able to play all of their tournament games or have made plans to play their game. In these cases, the actual tournament results were/will be used to determine the first and second place trophies.
  • If all tournament games could not be played, then the teams not scheduled to play on Sunday were eliminated from trophy consideration since they would not have received trophies if the tournament games had been played. The only exception to this rule was for teams that played all their tournament games on Saturday. (This only applied to 3 team divisions since one team in a three team division must play both of its games on Saturday.)
  • If the tournament division was a six team division and eligible for third place trophies, then the tournament division was broken into two groups – Group A was for first and second place while Group B was for third place. This is consistent with what would have happened if the tournament games had been played.
  • Once the teams that were eligible for trophies were determined, the ranking process described in Section VIII of the rules adopted for the Fall 2006 season was used. Basically, this process calls for the tournament results to be added to the regular season results and the teams ranked based on these combined results. The tie breaking process is described in Section VIII.A.3.a. In the majority of cases, the total season game points were used to determine the winner. As noted in the rules, games were added and the game point calculation adjusted to ensure that the same number of games were used to determine the game points for the teams. For example, if Team A had played 9 games and Team B had played 8 games, then a game was added to Team B. Team B’s game points were then adjusted by adding the average number of game points that it had earned over the season. This process is described in Section VIII.F.2.a. of the rules.
  • Once the proposed rankings had been developed, the SFL Commissioners reviewed the results.

Details on How Teams Were Ranked

The following files provide the detailed calculations on how the rankings were determined.

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