How To Find Tournament Division Schedules

The approach that we use for scheduling most tournament games does not allow for the complete tournament schedule to be shown on a team’s individual schedule for most teams. In many cases, only the first game is shown on an individual team schedule. Therefore, it is very important that a team use the tournament team division schedule shown under the appropriate age group to plan its activities. (The link to this page can be found near the bottom of our home page. SFL Home Page). The following steps can be used to find a given tournament division schedule:

  • Go to a team’s individual team schedule and find the tournament game(s) scheduled for the team. The tournament games can be identified by the number of digits in the game reference number. Tournament games have 6 digits while regular season games have either 4 or 5 digits.
  • Use the middle 2 digits of the game reference number to determine the tournament division. For example, game reference number 440501 would tell you that the team is playing in tournament division 5 while game reference number 341103 would tell you the tournament division is 11.
  • Review the game schedule for the applicable tournament division on the tournament division page. (The link to this page can be found near the bottom of our Age Group Information Page)

Overall we believe that the tournament division schedules are fairly easy to understand since we created it and have the secret knowledge of what the numbers mean. However, we also recognize that it may be confusing to others. Therefore, we would like to provide some guidelines that can be used to understand how to read the games that say something like “Game 1 Winner”. The way you know which team is associated with a given game number is to look at the last number in the game reference number. For example, if Team A and Team B play in game reference number 420501, then the winner of this game is the “Game 1 Winner”.

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